Your friends can help reduce your
Personal Loan Rate

  • For the first time in India, your friends can now help you get your own rate of interest, with the Yaarii app.

  • Yaarii, a first of its kind application has been designed to make your personal financing needs cheaper with the help of your friends. Kyunki ab dost dilwaaye sabse sasta loan.

    All you have to do is download Yaarii, enter your basic details and ask your friends for a recommendation. Basis their recommendation, you can get the lowest rate for your personal loan.

  • With Yaarii, that vacation you wanted; the little extra expense you had for your motorcycle; the course you really wanted to pursue; the little boost to your finances to help scale your business; whatever your need is, financing it is now is the least of your worries! And what’s better is that your friends are a part of it!