Key Features

Yaarii, a first of its kind application has been designed to make your personal financing needs easier with the help of your friends.


Reduce your interest rates instantly

Discover the best rate for your loan requirement almost instantly.


Enter minimal information

Apply for your loan completely online, anytime, anywhere. With the correct documentation, go paperless with the Yaarii App. Loan application has never been easier. Just fill in the required information and get the best at your fingertips.


Ask friends and family for recommendations

With the help of your friends, lower your applicable rate of interest on your loan. Your friends can help you gain credibility even when it comes to your loans now, with Yaarii. Just ask our friends to recommend you, and get lower loan rates instantly through our app.


Track your recommendations

Request, remind and invite more recommendations from your friends & family instantly through the app. The more recommendations you gain, the more you can lower your applicable rate of interest on your loan.


No guarantors required

None of the recommenders that help you lower your rate of interest are bound to be your guarantor or would have any liability of any kind. Your recommended friends can help you without having to be a guarantor, therefore being free of any kind of liability. Thus, this will make them vouch for you more easily and happily.